October 25, 2021

3 Key Realities of Leader Health

Leader health is essential to the effectiveness and longevity of leaders. Health does not happen by accident, it takes intentionality. Health is also not easy. Below are three of the key realities of leader health. Health Trumps Everything Patrick Lencioni, in his book, The Advantage, notes that ‘organizational health trumps everything.’ Not only have I […]

11 Indispensable Relationships

Leonard Sweet wrote a book, 11: Indispensable Relationships You Can’t Be Without. This book is a great resource for leaders, especially leaders in churches and faith based organizations. The summary list is below. 11 Indispensable Relationships by Leonard Sweet Editor-Nathan True Friend-Jonathan Butt-Kicker-Jethro Protege-Timothy Encourager-Barnabas Yoda-Peter/Paul Back-Coverer-Deborah Reject-Zacchaeus Little One-Rhoda VIP’s-Lydia & Lazarus, Rich & […]

A quote

I read this quote recently: ”Churches do not grow without godly and gifted pastoral and lay leaders. Pastors are severely limited in their leadership effectiveness until they know how to lead authentically.” Our effectiveness is connected directly to our authenticity. Our ability to be authentic is directly tied to our health.  How can we better […]

Three Keys to Self-Care: Intentionality

Introduction: As I reflect on self-care there are three keys to being effective in self-care: self-knowledge, boundaries and intentionality. Over the next several blogs I will be talking about each of these factors.  There are certainly other key factors in effective self-care, however I have found these to be the most essential three. We cannot […]