June 21, 2024

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Theological Hospitality

In a world that is growing increasingly hostile, including within the Christian church, theological hospitality is increasingly critical. Instead, we often engage in theological hostility towards anyone who has differing views from our own. This is not only arrogant and unloving, it is also rooted in an underlying assumption that we always right, therefore putting […]

When is the last time I intentionally tried to learn something new?

Leaders are learners. Disciples are learners. To be a Christian leader means that you are a life-long learner. The hunger for knowledge is essential to leadership. I am always learning something new, whether I want to or not. That said, it is critical to the health of any leader that we continue to learn new […]

Do I spend a good amount of quality time with my family? My friends?

Nothing makes up for time, especially quality time. Often in ministry leadership, our friends and family get the leftovers of our time. We often feel so compelled to honor our ministry call that we forget that our first call is to our family. Are you making intentional and unintentional time with your family? Who gets […]

How can I expand my support system and professional relationships?

This is a question in the vocational health section of our self-care inventory for pastors and ministry leaders.  Ministry leadership, especially pastoral ministry is a lonely and isolating life. We all need a support system, especially when we are in leadership. It is hard to for leaders to find safe support. It is difficult for […]