May 26, 2024

Are my relationships healthy and satisfying?

This is a tough question for sure. For anyone in ministry or any kind of Christian leadership, there should be a recognition that relationships are of primary importance. Unfortunately, for those serving in ministry relationships outside the ministry often suffer. This can include of course spouses and children, but even parents, friends, and other family members. This question applies to both ministry and non-ministry relationships, but primarily to those outside of ministry. Sometimes the energy of ministry takes away from the energy that is required to maintain healthy relationships outside of ministry. The truth is, however that if your relationships outside of ministry are suffering, your ministry will eventually suffer as a result. I cannot possibly be a good pastor and a horrible husband and father at the same time. Our first ministry is our own relationship with Jesus Christ, followed by our family. Its important to ensure that your relationships outside of ministry are healthy. Ministry leaders must be intentional about this because of the nature of ministry and that’s why this question makes the inventory.

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