May 26, 2024

Three Keys to Self-Care: Self-Knowledge

Introduction: As I reflect on self-care there are three keys to being effective in self-care: self-knowledge, boundaries and intentionality. Over the next several blogs I will be talking about each of these factors.  There are certainly other key factors in effective self-care, however I have found these to be the most essential three. We cannot […]

Are my relationships healthy and satisfying?

This is a tough question for sure. For anyone in ministry or any kind of Christian leadership, there should be a recognition that relationships are of primary importance. Unfortunately, for those serving in ministry relationships outside the ministry often suffer. This can include of course spouses and children, but even parents, friends, and other family […]

Do I have relationships with my colleagues and peers in my ministry setting? In my community?

No leader, no person, no Christ follower can live in isolation. Leadership is hard, lonely, and often isolating. It is essential that all leaders have relationships with colleagues and peers that are physically near by (as well as those who are not) and friends in the community (outside of the organization or church you are […]

How and what am I learning about leadership?

Leaders are life long learners. Life long learners are often leaders. There is always something new to learn about leadership as the world changes, as we change, as we learn about ourselves, as we learn from others. Great leaders continue to learn about leadership. Through experience, mentors, books, seminars and other means, there is no […]

Are my emotional needs being met in a healthy way?

We all have emotional needs. Those who lead in ministry spend much of their time tending to the emotional needs of others and expend a tremendous amount of emotional energy. We can assume that we do not have needs, ignore those needs or even believe God will magically meet those needs, but none of these […]

What are the most life giving aspects of my relationship with God right now? What are the most challenging aspects of my relationship with God presently?

At the very heart of the effectiveness of every ministry or faith based leader is their relationship with God. One must have a dynamic, growing relationship with Jesus to be an effective, Christian leader. Our relationship with God is not always easy, not always good, not always on a high point. Yet, we also find […]

What can I do to make self-care a part of my regular schedule and routine?

This may be one of the most important questions that any leader must ask in order to be healthy. It is probably the most significant question on the inventory as well. Self-Care is essential to be a good, healthy and effective leader. Self-care, like most things, does not happen on accident. In order for self-care […]