July 22, 2024

What can I do to make self-care a part of my regular schedule and routine?

This may be one of the most important questions that any leader must ask in order to be healthy. It is probably the most significant question on the inventory as well. Self-Care is essential to be a good, healthy and effective leader. Self-care, like most things, does not happen on accident. In order for self-care to happen, it must be intentional. It is easy to push aside or ignore. It’s really easy to create a bad habit, its much more difficult to create and sustain a healthy habit. 

Leaders must block out self-care time on their schedules in order to make sure that self-care happens. This means regularly scheduling time for sabbath or a day off. It means scheduling time with family, alone, exercising and with Jesus. If you do not schedule it, it’s very unlikely it will happen. It’s best to have a routine for each day of the week that includes each of the key parts of your self-care. If you are not able to do it due to an emergency, its also critical you make it up. Self-care does not happen on accident! Self-care takes intentional planning and scheduling.

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