May 26, 2024


One the key tools for self-care is setting, maintaining and enforcing boundaries. We live in a culture, even in the church where we do not value boundaries. In fact, the church is terrible about boundaries, seeing the word ‘no’ as some sort of statement of lacking commitment or faith. The people who struggle with boundaries set by others often fit into one or more of three groups: Christians, extended family, unhealthy individuals. You cannot be and stay healthy without setting boundaries. 

Not everyone will agree with or understand your boundaries. You will not always get it right, but setting an unnecessary boundary and learning for the future is a far better outcome than not setting a critical boundary to begin with. Yes, we should be willing to sacrifice and embrace suffering, but that does not mean that we should allow people to create situations that hinder our health. We are beloved Children of God, God wants us to be healthy. Boundaries make that possible. Boundaries are Biblical. Boundaries are a natural part of love. Boundaries are a great act of self-love.

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