July 22, 2024

Do I feel my age or do I feel older? Younger?

This question from the inventory often feels like one of the most superficial and yet difficult to answer questions. Age should not matter in our life or ministry and God can and will use us in the midst of the benefits and drawbacks of any season of life. This question is rooted in our physical health (that’s why its in that section) and how we feel physically. So many in ministry do not take care of themselves, especially physically and therefore often feel older than they are. This can impact our ability to give ourselves most fully to those things God has called us to; our relationship with God, our families and our ministry/calling. Its hard to take care of yourself physically in ministry. You eat less healthy, eat out more, sit more and sleep less. There is less time for exercise, which seems less important than the demands of ministry, yet caring for oneself is critical. This question is a simple way to get at the heart of the matter. How do you feel physically. If you feel older than you should, its probably time to address some self-care issues related to your physical health.

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