May 26, 2024

How and in what ways does ministering to others minister to me?

This is an interesting question for all pastors, ministry leaders and others who do ministry in a formal or informal way to consider. Certainly anyone who has served has recognized and experienced the sentiment that you receive far more than you feel that you give. At the same time, we must guard our ministry motivations carefully. Sometimes our need to be needed or the feeling of power or value that we get from serving others motivates us. The truth is that our ministry should come from the Holy Spirit and as we minister to others, the Holy Spirit is the one doing that ministry and ministers to us. The call to serve requires sacrifice, but not an abandonment of receiving the blessing of being ministered to. This happens from the Holy Spirit, our work, and in other ways. How are you receiving ministry. How and in what ways does minister to others minister to me?

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