June 21, 2024

Fit or Fat

My youth leader in high school always encouraged me to be a FAT Christian:




Sure, its cheesy, but its also accurate. For me, it was also effective. Today, I do not have to think about these things (that is not to say that I have perfected them), they are a part of my posture of my life.

Recently, as I was training some leaders in Africa, being a FAT Christian came up again. As I thought about it, I said my list would be different. Instead, I would encourage someone to be a FIT Christian:


-Integrity (as in, have it)


To be faithful means you have to be available, and integrity is a big deal. For me, these are the three things I look for in anyone I bring on my team. With a reasonable level of these three (especially the last), anything is possible.

What are your thoughts?

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