June 21, 2024

Messages for the Younger Marcus

Below is a post I wrote for Preparing for Amazement Ministries

Messages for the Younger Marcus

In line with a blog post written by one of our coaches, Jessica Carlson, I thought it would be good to share the messages I would give to the younger me after more than 25 years in ministry.

Find a Pastor

Pastors need pastors too. I would tell the younger me to make sure that he had a pastor in every setting and season to care for his soul. This is different from a counselor or spiritual director but connecting with an actual pastor. 

Don’t Settle

I have always been my own worst enemy and worst critic. Early on in my ministry career, I got in my own way all the time. These issues combined with insecurity caused me to stay too long, put up with too much and believe too little in myself. I would tell my younger self to not settle, to at least try for all that God might have for me. 

Show Yourself More Grace

This is the big one. As I mentioned already, I am my own worst critic. I am also very driven. As an enneagram 8, I constantly push and know only 2 modes, all in or not at all. I would tell my younger self to be more kind and gracious to me. I would constantly remind the younger Marcus that he is a beloved child of God with whom God is well pleased in even his worst moments. I would urge the younger me to embrace God’s unconditional love and grace fully much sooner in life. 

What would you tell your younger self?

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