June 21, 2024

The Purpose of this blog and The Vine

I probably should have written this post first, but I was so excited to get the inventory out that I failed to do so. I created this website “The Vine” and this blog as a way to support pastors and other ministry leaders. This is a place where you come to consume and to find resources and tools that hopefully help you. The goal is to create better self-care, self-knowledge and to have a place where you can be poured into. No website or blog can be a substitute for relationships, but my hope is this is helpful tool even though it may not be relational in nature. I do want to hear from leaders about what is shared, what is helpful, what is not and what you need. I do not assume that I know more or that I have any kind of qualifications that indicate that I am an expert in the areas of self-care and self-knowledge. Instead, this blog is intended to be a place where we can journey together even if we never communicate with one another. It is meant to be a place where leaders can find tools for challenge and encouragement.

The name “The Vine” is intentional. It is all about the imagery in the Gospel of John. I will blog more about this later and share some great thoughts on this passage from my own spiritual director. The Vine is a reminder that ministry is not about what we do, or even who we are. Instead, ministry is all about connecting to the source, to the Vine, to Jesus Christ. My prayer is that The Vine would provide tools for us all to remain in Jesus Christ.

I trust and pray that God will use this blog and website in a way that is more significant, more powerful, and more pure than even my best intentions.

Marcus Carlson

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