June 21, 2024

Am I paying attention to my marriage and family?

This may be one of the least asked questions in ministry, particularly church ministry. So often in our love for God and for ministry we forsake our marriage and our family. Understand that our family must always take priority over our ministry, work and leadership. This does not mean every time there is a schedule conflict we will be able to choose our family, but our schedule is a clear demonstration of our priorities? Do we allow only ministry to dictate our schedule or do we allow the needs of our family to weigh in? Do we build a ministry schedule that asks our family to make undue, unnecessary and unhealthy sacrifices for our ministry, leadership or work or do we make our family a priority. I have found both great success and failure in this and everything in between. It takes intentional work, planning, prayer, examination, accountability and communication to make this happen. Setting boundaries in ministry is difficult, but it is essential for our own good, the good of our family and the good of those we serve.

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