May 26, 2024

Do I have friends inside and outside of my ministry setting?

It is important for leaders to have friends inside and outside of their ministry/work/leadership setting. There are many that you should not be friends with those you lead, those in your church (for pastors) or those who report to you. While that is one perspective, it is not a healthy and realistic perspective. Pastors, ministry leaders and all leaders need relationships and friendships. While the boundaries and conversations you have with friends inside your ministry or leadership setting will be different than those outside of your setting (and for good reason), this does not diminish the need for these friendships. Leadership is a lonely endeavor and so often leaders rely solely on their family and their own self instead of having key friends to support and encourage them. Every leader, especially ministry leaders need a ‘normal’ outside of their own setting. It is also important to distinguish between friends and acquaintances.

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