June 21, 2024

How can I expand my support system and professional relationships?

This is a question in the vocational health section of our self-care inventory for pastors and ministry leaders. 

Ministry leadership, especially pastoral ministry is a lonely and isolating life. We all need a support system, especially when we are in leadership. It is hard to for leaders to find safe support. It is difficult for leaders to be vulnerable and admit they need support or ask for help. 

It is also very hard for ministry leaders, especially pastors to trust. Yet, it is critical that we all have a support network and have healthy professional relationships. This requires trust. Trust is at the center of relationships and our faith is a relational and a communal faith. 

I encourage pastors to have local and distant support networks. Christians and non-christians. Pastors and lay people. There are always many people that are willing to help, but they need to be asked. Have the courage to ask.

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