July 22, 2024

How have I dealt with joy, praise and victories in my life? How have these experiences changed me?

How we handle victories is almost as important as how we handle failure. Often times, we tend to look at failure by excusing it, ignoring it or dwelling on it. For victory (as with joy and praise) we tend to either dismiss it or revel in it. Both lack humility in different ways. CS Lewis notes that humility is not thinking poorly of yourself, rather not thinking of yourself at all. In ministry and in leadership, we do a terrible job with joy, praise, victory, celebration and gratitude. We can be tempted to take credit for it or use it as an excuse for moments of failure. 

As a faith culture, especially in North America, we are terrible at celebrating. We do not offer gratitude and celebration on a regular basis. We fail to do this with the large and with the small. Joy, praise and victory should be a part of our life and it should change us for the better, making us stronger, smarter and more importantly building hope in our life and work. Celebrate often and celebrate well!

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