June 21, 2024

Am I aware of what drives or controls my life, such as food, power, work, need for approval?

Self-knowledge is critical to health and success as a leader. While we seek to be a people who worship God alone, we are imperfect. The truth is that we are often driven by something that we are not consciously aware of. While our hope is to be driven by Jesus and by our calling, so often there are other things that drive us. There may also be other things that subtlety or unconsciously control us. In fact, sometimes these things are not subtle. Sometimes we make conscious choices to be controlled by something else. All leaders face the temptation to be driven or controlled by something unhealthy. What is that thing for you? Is it food, power, work, need for approval, success? It is important to bring this question before God, to look at it seriously and have other that are close to you, perhaps even a professional counselor help you in answering this question. Failure to do so can destroy your leadership and be harmful to every area of you life. There is always hope that knowing what tempts you allows you to manage it as often as possible, taking away the toxic nature of that thing that might otherwise be harmful.

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