May 26, 2024

Do I eat nutritiously? Do I use food as a coping mechanism for stress? Do I take time to eat?

This one is often difficult for many leaders. Its not uncommon to see Pastors and other leaders struggle with eating and health. The job is often demanding, the schedule inconsistent, the work draining. We all have coping mechanisms for stress and discouragement. For some it is shopping, others smoking and for many eating. While leadership comes with a daunting schedule, it also involves a lot of sitting. Those who serve in a church are often exposed to well meaning baked goods and other foods. Leaders often eat quickly at their desk, on the fly or in the car. Grabbing fast food is much easier than making or packing & warming a healthy lunch. The truth is that food has a big impact on our health and health has a big impact on our ability to lead. Most people could lose significant weight if they were to simply take 30 minutes to eat each meal. This can be very hard in the midst of ministry and leadership, but we must take care of our bodies, otherwise we will not be able to serve as fully as possible.

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