July 22, 2024

Is my life financially sound? Do I spend wisely, give generously and save carefully?

This is a difficult question for all leaders, those inside and outside of the church. So often, ministry and non-profit work is not lucrative and can bring a lot of financial fear and stress. To be financially sound while serving, giving much and earning little is more than tricky. The truth is that it is often most difficult to trust God with our finances even when we seek to ask and lead others to do the same. To be financially sound takes discipline and assistance. Yet, Satan loves to tear leaders down by creating financial stress and financially unhealthy leaders. Financial health requires all three of these things, wise spending, generous giving and careful savings. Our financial lives, like all things have seasons. Yet, we must recognize that our financial health is as significant as other areas of our health; the physical, mental, emotional and relational. Like these areas, our financial health is also connected to our spiritual health. Its hard to do well, feels like the wrong thing to focus on, but it matters immensely. 

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