July 22, 2024

What am I willing to change in order to take better care of myself? How can I make self-care more of a priority?

In some ways, this question should be first in a self-care inventory. Self-care is pointless if it is not a priority, this is perhaps the first and greatest challenge for many leaders. To recognize the need for self-care and then choose to make it a priority is the first step and the one that many leaders, especially in the church miss. Once that is addressed, there must be a willingness to change. We all need to grow in the area of self-care, especially those who are leaders and servants. To look at our self-care, we will see areas where we can and need to grow. If we are not willing to recognize the need, make it a priority and be open to change, we are not at all interested in self-care. The assumption for many leaders is that prioritizing self-care makes them selfish. Additionally there is a belief that in order to focus on self-care one must neglect their duties, but neither is true. The more we care for ourselves in a healthy and authentic way, the more efficient and more effective we become. Self-care must be a priority.

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